Friday, January 31, 2020

A Little Help for My Friends

Sometimes you just have to share some advice with those who don't ask for it...

There are at least five options Ms. Bruenig could choose yet her solution to changing jobs is that we need Medicare for All.
  1. COBRA - While the costs could be too high for her, this could be the best option for one wanting comprehensive coverage. Her insurance through The Washington Post (prior employer) would provide the least change. The plan she had the day she was last employed would continue. There would be no change in benefits or network. However, she would lose the employer contribution. Paying full boat is eye opening for most who leave employment and see their COBRA notice.
  2. Special Enrollment Period (SEP) - Under PPACA a loss of coverage constitutes a qualifying event. She could easily create an account through the DC Exchange and purchase a plan. If her income is low enough (doubt it) then she could potentially qualify for an Advanced Premium Tax Credit.
  3. Short Term Medical - This could be an affordable option. In DC these plans are limited to 90 days and have to cover pre-existing conditions. This could be viable because her new plan has to start on or before the 90th day of employment.
  4. Christian Sharing Ministry - While she would have to apply and could be denied, it's still an option that could have appeal. Her bio says she's Christian so I would assume that she can meet the requirements for participation. The costs are low and with the limited amount of time she needs coverage this platform could fit the need.
  5. Pay out of Pocket - Here's a novel idea...based on what premiums and benefits could cost it might make sense to pay for her healthcare costs directly to the physicians, labs, facilities, and pharmacies she uses during her period of time without coverage. Immunizations and a visit to the closest "minute clinic" for an ear infection may be less expensive than paying a month of premiums for COBRA or an individual plan. 

Maybe she should have consulted her health care reporter colleague Sarah Kliff? Or maybe not? Just sayin'.
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