Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Walking Away

Got a call this morning from a nice gentleman whose wife, through whom the couple have their health insurance, is retiring, and due to the nature of the business (not-for-profit hospital system) said employer is not required to offer COBRA continuation. As such, they'll be losing this coverage when she pulls the trigger, and they're looking for an individual health insurance plan to be in place once that event occurs.

Regular readers know that, outside of Open Enrollment, there is no agent compensation available (at least here in The Buckeye State) for ACA plans, and so there's really no way for us to help folks in these circumstances (I briefly considered, and quickly rejected, offering a Short Term Medical plan based on the caller's answers about their health). Now, I'll happily make an exception for existing agency clients, and those referred by colleagues, but I just can't afford to do so for call-ins.

I do feel bad about this, but the onus is on the carriers (which continue to defraud their insureds by not reducing premiums to reflect no agent compensation)  and on the politicos and Departments of Insurance who turn a blind eye to it.

Shame on them!

CORRECTION: I've been told by my friends at Cornerstone that at least two carriers are in fact now paying off-OE commissions.

I apologize for the error.
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