Monday, February 03, 2020

Obamacare Faulty Thinking

Computer programmers have a phrase, GIGO or Garbage In Garbage Out. If the data going in to the software is corrupt or faulty, the result will be useless.

The rocket surgeons that designed Obamacare failed to understand that the data they used was inexoribly flawed.

Their big idea to expand Medicaid resulted in folks that SHOULD be eligible either being denied coverage or they were kicked out.

Queue for Health Care . . . or Perhaps Not

Likewise, many able-bodied folks were able to jump line.

Unfortunately, many politicians have lost sight of Medicaid’s intended purpose. In doing so, they took limited resources meant for truly needy individuals and moved millions of able-bodied adults—the majority of whom do not work at all—to the front of the line instead. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of people with developmental disabilities and other conditions remain trapped on waiting lists, hoping to someday get access to desperately needed services. - Townhall

Why and how did this happen?

The architects relied on Census data without regard to Medicaid parameters.

First, the Census Bureau defines ‘households’ differently than the Medicaid program. For example, for an able-bodied adult who lives at home with his parents and does not work, Census data counts his parents’ income to determine his poverty status. The result is that Census data would indicate that he is not eligible for expansion. But after ObamaCare expansion, his state might learn the hard way that he is eligible because Medicaid eligibility is based on his personal income only. Oops. 

Abby Normal's Brain?

Oops indeed.

In other words, the right hand didn't know what the left was doing.

I suggest reading the article, but not on a full stomach. You might just toss your lunch.


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