Monday, February 24, 2014

Helping Sarah Kliff Solve Her Medical Bill Issue

Former WaPo Wonkblog health policy writer Sarah Kliff is a huge proponent of Obamacare and the expansion of health insurance. She's also been a recipient of excellent employer sponsored insurance benefits. Sarah has a problem. Here is what she tweeted:

2/20 at 11:27am
Sarah Kliff @sarahkliff
Received today an $820 medical bill that I was not expecting nor can I decipher because American health care.
2/20 at 11:35am
Sarah Kliff @sarahkliff
I've never tried to negotiate down a medical bill before, but excited for this new personal and professional adventure! 

  • Could it be that you went to a non-network provider?

These are the questions a professional advisor would be asking you. From there we would take your bill and your EOB and work with your provider and insurance company to have the claim fixed. It is NOT an easy process - something I'm sure you are finding out.
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