Tuesday, November 27, 2018

That was then...

Regular readers may recall our piece on Direct Primary Care "wrap" policies from a few years back:

"Pan-American VP Carlo Mulvenna was kind enough to walk me through the basic idea behind the plan's design, as well as share product details."

Recently, a reader emailed asking about the status of this plan:

"Have you seen any new major medical/catastrophic wraps for DPC since the article was written in 2015?"

So, I reached back out to Carlo Mulvenna (subject of the interview) who, as it turns out, is still with Pan American Life, and who graciously responded with an update:


Good to hear from you.

The MedLion relationship remains though they are focused on a new segment of Virtual Primary Care. For our traditional relationships of employers with large populations of hourly workers we have added a new relationship with HealthCare2U. I've attached a copy of our promotional/info piece."



Very nice.

The brochure explains that the program is designed to offer "Affordable, Convenient Access To Healthcare" by packaging online tools and "unlimited same-day/next-day doctor appointments for acute issues at $10 a visit and around-the-clock telemedicine for no out-of-pocket cost."

There are also tools and services available to help manage chronic diseases, which could be very handy.

The "bad" news, of course, is that we still don't have a workable DPC "wrap" plan for catastrophic situations. Oh, well.

Thanks Carlo and Jeremy!
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