Monday, November 26, 2018

Medical Tourism: An Ugly Turn

Back in October, a realtor from Dallas took a trip south of the border for some body work (rhinoplasty and a breast enhancement tune-up). What seems like fairly routine procedures led to some pretty serious complications, and ultimately took her life.

But there's a larger lesson in this, one having to do with getting what one pays for, at least according to her attorney:

"So that her death is not in vain, people should think of Laura before they look for cross border discount surgery ... Always LOOK before you leap!"

Always sage advice, and it appears that Ms Avila had done her homework:

"Laura's fiance Enrique Cruz said he had researched the clinic and found positive reviews online."

Which may or may not be worth the pixels they're printed with.

I don't really think that one can generalize from this that medical tourism is inherently more dangerous than care we receive here, but it's worth noting that it's not necessarily worth the savings, either.

Caveat emptor, indeed.

[Hat Tpi: FoIB Holly R]
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