Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Vets & DPC

No, not that kind of vet, this kind.

Our youngest is the proud mother of two cute cats and, as a graduate student, has a limited budget for feline-related medical expenses. She uses the services of a national chain called Banfield Pet Hospitals, which offers a unique (AFAIK) and interesting option that looks a lot like the Direct Primary Care model (for people) about which we've written so often:

"We focus on preventive veterinary care to promote and improve overall pet health. Routine check-ups allow us to diagnose, treat and protect your pet from contracting serious, costly and sometimes fatal diseases."

These services include vaccinations and dental care, complete exams, even nutritional counseling. That last, by the way, may be something that our own DPC providers may not routinely offer (but which might be a great idea).

The basic Banfield plan looks to be about $30 a month or so (depending on services, breed and age), which seems pretty reasonable. There's a modest one-time sign-up fee, as well; I've also seen these with DPC practices.

Of course, the "Hospital" in the name also means that they also offer more robust services, but I like the preventive care idea, and wonder if we'll start seeing similar collaborations with the DPC community/model.

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