Thursday, April 05, 2018

The check is in the mail (Seriously)

We've talked about transparency, Direct Primary Care, and other strategies to try to rein in health care costs. But this item, tipped to us by FoIB Holly R, may just be the most effective method yet:

"Need a medical procedure? Pick the right provider and get cash back"

Most of us are likely familiar with the "Find a Provider" button on our carrier's website, or a referral from one's Primary Care doc, and these can indeed be money savers. But until now, I'd never heard of a plan that actually pays you cash on the barrel-head to choose a specific facility.

Now, there's always the question of quality vs cost, and that's a valid concern. But one would think that negative feedback about any given provider would be taken into consideration buy the insurer (or not).

Nice to see more outside-the-bun thinking.
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