Thursday, April 05, 2018

BREAKING: What's it all about, Alfie - A Hopeful Update

Almost exactly a month ago, we reported on the Much Vaunted National Health Service©'s latest infanticide effort:

"Alfie Evans, a 21-month old Brit, has been fighting hard for his young life. But the Powers That Be at the MVNHS© are (literally) pulling his plug"

Now comes word that thanks (at least in part) to Pope Francis, he's been given a reprieve:

"Alfie Evans’ Life Support Won’t be Switched Off, Delayed After Pope Francis Intervenes on His Behalf"

Keep in mind, of course, that the MVNHS© has ultimate authority in these cases, even when the parents offer to pay for his care outside the system.

Let that sink in, Single Payer advocates.

[Hat Tip: FoIB Moxie Mom]
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