Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Wednesday Links-a-lot

We've made the case that "going bare" can certainly be a rational choice:

But what's it like actually making (and living with) that choice?

Well, FoIB Bill M points us to this rather interesting (and, I must say, relatively balanced) article on just that:

Interesting and thought-provoking.

Second up, FoIB Jeff M (no relation) seems to have problems with the idea that health insurance rates have decreased buy some 3000%:

And by stabilization, of course, they mean "throwing more money at it."

  I can see no possible way for this to go wrong:

BONUS ITEM: Co-blogger Bob V tips us to this interesting story on why folks choose - often at their own peril - not to buy whole life plans. What's special about this is that Burt is an industry giant, and knows whereof he speaks:

Spoiler Alert: He tried.

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