Monday, January 29, 2018

Something different (and potentially quite helpful!)

Long time readers know that, for many years, I participated in a healing prayer group. One basic tenet of that effort was that the folks for whom we prayed had to know that we were doing so (and had given us their permission, as well). The reason for this was that we truly believed (and of course, this was not exclusive to our efforts or faith) that one's attitude plays a great role in how well (or even if) we heal.

Likewise, dressing up in a suit and tie (or nice dress and stockings) usually engenders a greater level of self-confidence. Perhaps Fernando had it right, after all.

Which brings us to this wonderful news item sent along to us by FoIB Holly R:

"Why do hospitals bare butts when there are better gowns around?"

Turns out, there's been an on-going effort to upscale those ubiquitous (and generally less-than-flattering) hospital gowns patients are issued. While they do have obvious practical advantages, one can't help but think that they interfere, in at least some small measure, with the patient's own attitude and self-image, which in turn may hinder the healing process.

That may be changing, however:

"[H]ospitals are increasingly paying attention to patients’ experience, and that includes what they wear," says Bridget Duffy, whose company consults with providers on health care operations and the like.

Of course, only time will tell, but even the simplest of healthcare tools can play a pivotal role.
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