Friday, January 26, 2018

Sketchy Marketing "Campaigns"

Or, "How Not to Run One."

Case in point:

The other day's mail brought this exciting, somewhat alarming item:

[click to embiggen]

It certainly implies two things:

One, that the State of Ohio endorses the 3in4 campaign (more on that in a moment), and two, that the Partnership Program is new (it's far from it).

More pointedly, if the offer is simply for a pamphlet explaining how the Partnership Program works, why does it need my date of birth? Are they really going to personalize these brochures for every sucker person that replies?

Then there's the "Privacy Access Code." I 'get' that they'd like to track specifically who's replying, but why would they need this? If you're at the site, you're interested. Why isn't that good enough, without pinpointing individuals?

The site itself specifically says "The nonprofit 3in4 Association is dedicated to providing information to the public about senior issues, and does not underwrite or sell insurance."

Which is likely true, but notice that it doesn't say "and will not sell this information to agents who do."

And lo and behold, a quick Google yields this little gem:

3in4 Need More - Long Term Care Leads

We are proud to be associated with and the direct mail provider for the 3in4 Need More campaign. Place your order below or learn more about the 3in4 Association and TargetLeads®

Which nicely answers my previous questions.

Thanks but no thanks.

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