Monday, January 29, 2018

Sketchy Campaign: Counterpoint

FoIB and long-time LTCi Guru Randy Gallas offers his take on last week's post critical of a questionable (to me) Long Term Care insurance awareness effort:

"I agree that the State of Ohio needs to be more engaged in LTC awareness. I have contacted the Department of Insurance (DOI) on many occasions and their answer was always "we'd like to do more but we don't have the budget for sending out brochures or explaining  Ohio's LTC  Partnership program."

However they did in 2008 and these trifold brochures were available through the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services.  A very informative planning brochure that was available to all licensed insurance agents. They are no longer printed. 

By sourcing this out to the 3in4NeedMore  has the appearance  of a lead generation program that might be sold to a brokerage that may or may not even be in the State of Ohio.   I would advise anyone who would like more information on LTC planning to contact their local insurance agent/agency.

As always, our 18 years of knowledge and claims experience is something that we enjoy passing along to anyone interested in long-term care planning

Thanks, Randy!
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