Saturday, April 23, 2011


Easter for Christians is a time of rebirth. For others it is just another day.

The commercialization of Easter is akin to Christmas. Perhaps it is me, but it seems Christian holidays are becoming secular events while holidays (or holy days) in other religions are not.

Easter is historically a pagan event. Eggs, lilies, bunnies and chicks associated with Easter have their roots in pagan celebrations but each, except for the bunny, also have meaning to Christians.

While not recorded in the Bible, some stories say Mary offered eggs to the Roman soldiers in exchange for mercy on her son.

Lilies that bloom in the spring are symbolic of new life and rebirth.

The Easter chicks that were once popular as gifts for children are also a symbol of new life.

The death, burial and resurrection of Jesus gives us our foundation in the Christian faith.

Beyond the bunnies, baskets filled with eggs and candy, and Easter dresses and suits is an event that forever shaped the lives of millions who would follow.

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