Monday, April 25, 2011

Say, is that a policy in your pouch?

While we've blogged on the general topic of pet insurance before, this item really jumped out:

"An anonymous donor has purchased a $50,000 insurance policy to help an Oklahoma woman keep her pet kangaroo as a therapy pet. "

It's not really "pet insurance" per se: rather, it's a liability policy required by a yet-to-be-enacted local ordinance pertaining to the keeping of "exotic pets." It's similar to those required by landlords concerned about (for example) pit bulls and the like. The idea is that these animals may pose a more existential threat to others than the family goldfish or poodle.

The article's a little sensational: I doubt very much that the $50,000 referred to the premium; more likely, that's the policy limits, and the premium is a small fraction of that. We'd appreciate any input from our P&C-type readers on that score.

Regardless, it's still a generous and thoughtful gesture, and a great example of insurance as risk management tool.
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