Friday, April 22, 2011

Stupid Carrier Tricks #1648

Apparently, some carriers still don't quite get that our clients do not belong to them, and that we don't much like "poachers."

The rocket surgeons who run United Healthcare seem to think that agents are simply a "necessary (for now) evil" that can be ridden roughshod over:

[Click to embiggen]

The letter, from Operations CEO Dirk McMahon, says in part that "you now have access to a designated employer service team ... who will handle all your benefit needs."

No, Mr McMahon, that's my job. Yours is to try to rein in renewals, and provide excellent service to all your insureds.

And I don't even appreciate the sentiment: it bespeaks an arrogance that must surely permeate the Home Office.

On the other hand, it's sure a great incentive to really start thinking about moving business to other carriers.
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