Sunday, April 11, 2010

Firedog Has Questions Too

Firedoglake has questions for PresBO about health insurance reform. We understand the Prez is busy, showing off his Nobel Prize secret decoder ring to the "What nukes? We ain't got no stinking nukes" crowd in Washington, so we will answer for him.

What specific mechanisms are in place to cut my health insurance and out of pocket expense costs?

Ha, ha, ha. We have no plan. We don't need a plan. All we have to do is convince the voters we have a plan.

What provisions are your administration to further cut the health insurance costs to businesses and the self employed?

Silly boy. Your premiums will go up but what you pay will go down thanks to tax credits. Of course we will never take away those credits.

Trust me.

Should we encourage our children to migrate to a less costly country? Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China or Thailand?

Of course. Muslim countries are preferable. Muslims would never own or use nukes.

Should we migrate to Europe? We would be eligible for benefits there.

Sounds great. The weather is nice there and just because Greece is in the dumper with their currency there is no need to worry since there are 15 other nations that support the Euro and they will be willing to bail out Greece. They have some secret plan called Grecian Formula to stabilize the economy.

Is there any plan, anywhere in Government, the House, the Senate, or any State, Democratic or Republican to meet or approach the cost levels of Health Insurance of my Canadian friends and family?

We plan to reduce the amount paid to docs and hospitals for Medicare patients. Once they get accustomed to treating Medicare patients for less money, they will agree to see all patients and charge less. Once this happens we will have a system just like the Canadians but without the cold weather.

Should I discontinue our health insurance and become a public charge?

Sounds like a plan.

We are going to introduce 15 million people to the wonderful world of welfare and the Medicaid system. That is just a start.

We hope to have everyone except those fat cat Wall Street types on welfare before the next presidential election.

How does Hawaii’s health insurance function?

Very well.

Instead of paper gowns you get a grass skirt. Shots are served up with fruit punch and a parasol.
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