Sunday, April 11, 2010

Q&A With the Food Consumer

We recently ran across a site called the FoodConsumer and found a Q&A section on health insurance reform. Apparently it is not enough to provide information on nutrition and food safety, the folks at FC have taken on the task of being an expert on health insurance reform.

Here are a few of their questions and answers provided by the experts at InsureBlog. Compare our answer to those provided by FoodConsumer.

Will my premiums or costs go up because of health care reform bill?

Don't be silly!

Health insurance reform will lead to fewer health insurance companies willing to write new business. Fewer companies competing means the ones who survive will get bigger and bigger. Bigger companies means the administrative costs will go down. This alone could drop premiums by as much as 1%.

Math whizzes will realize there is a difference in a 1% drop in premium vs. the 3,000% drop promised by El Prez, but the other 2999% will come from elimination of waste, fraud and abuse.

In addition, carriers will have to provide free preventive care. Since the carriers have to make it available to policyholders at no charge, that means the doctors and labs won't be able to bill the carriers for their services.

That's how it becomes free just like Obamaman promised.

Companies will be prohibited from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. That means that fit and trim people will subsidize those who are obese. Non-smokers will be treated just like chain smokers. People who decide to wait until they have a cancer diagnosis and are facing expensive treatment will be able to apply for health insurance so they don't have to worry about paying their bills.

To put this in food terms, this means people can buy lobster at the same price as catfish, or filet mignon at the same price as ground chuck.

Will the government take my choice of doctor away?

Of course not.

You can still see your doctor along with the other 32 million newly insured people, some of whom will also want to see your doc. About half of your doctors newly insured patients will be welfare recipients using their new Medicaid card. Even though Medicaid reimburses 30 - 40% less than insurance companies pay for the same services, your doctor will consider it a pleasure to see more people for less money.

It is their patriotic duty, just like paying taxes. I know this because VP O'Biden told us so.

What does the new law require the insurance companies to do with all the confusing forms?

The new forms will be very easy to understand. Here are some sample questions from a new application.

Are you really sick?

If no, you don't need health insurance. Come back when you get sick.

If yes, tell us how much your bill will be so we can start writing checks

Can you afford the premium?

If yes, you are making way too much money. Chill out. You don't need to work that hard.

If no, don't worry, be happy. The government will pay your premiums for you.

What consumer protections will I get this year?

Starting in September of this year, health insurance companies will have to offer coverage to children regardless of any pre-existing conditions. If your child is autistic, has severe asthma or psychological problems or even something serious like cancer or diabetes, companies will have to issue a policy that will cover all the treatment your child needs.

Prior to September they can send you packing. Those greedy bastards claim they can't make big fat profits if they cover thousands of dollars in medical treatment each month in exchange for a premium of less than $100 per month. After September the rules change. You child's $3,000 per month autism bills will be covered. No problem.

In terms food consumers can understand, now when you go to a grocery store they are allowed to charge you more for a vintage, imported French wine vs. a bottle of Ripple. After September both bottles will be the same price.

Thanks to the FoodConsumer for explaining health insurance reform in terms we can all understand.
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