Monday, April 12, 2010

MVNHS© Update: Mid-April Edition

This first item’s a two-fer, combining our previous posts on the Much Vaunted NHS©'s aversion to cleanliness with its predilection for political correctness:

"Muslim doctors and nurses are to be allowed for religious reasons to opt out of strict NHS dress codes introduced to prevent the spread of deadly hospital superbugs."

So, British patients risk potentially deadly infections so as not to offend the tender sensibilities of their Muslim caregivers. I'm sure that the families of the deceased will be grateful that their loved ones died for such a noble cause.

On the other hand, there's good news for British health care professionals. And by "professionals," we of course mean administrators:

"The pay of NHS bosses has soared by almost 7 per cent in a year - more than twice the rise for nurses."

I'm sure our own nurses will be grateful for whatever crumbs they're left with once ObamaCare©'s in full swing.
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