Monday, September 10, 2007

Please Sir, May I Have More?

Proposals to reduce the number of uninsured Colorado residents might cost more than $1 billion for state residents, employers, and the state and federal governments

Reducing the number of uninsured. Truly a noble gesture.

Two of the plans, proposed by the Colorado State Association for Health Underwriters and the Committee for Colorado Health Solutions, would require all state residents to obtain health insurance.

Mandated coverage. Great!

Under the plans, the state would provide subsidies to residents who cannot afford to obtain health insurance

Subsidies for the poor. Outstanding!

Of course we already know who is doing the subsidizing. It is the taxpayer. Rob from those who are financially successful and redistribute their wealth to the poor.

The report found that the SEIU plan would insure 40% of the current uninsured population, mostly through a new limited-benefit plan that would be offered by private insurers

Limited benefit plans.

Like putting a Bandaid on a severed artery.

Sounds like Charles Dickens Mr. Bumble is alive and well.
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