Monday, September 10, 2007

Carnival Monday!

Kevin, blogging at kmull, hosts this week's Carnival of Personal Finance. There are a lot of entries, some of which include context. He does have things well organized, with posts divvied into helpful categories.
When it was on, I absolutely loved Win Ben Stein's Money. Over at My Retirement Blog, the anonymous blogger reports that Ben's an advocate of variable annuities (tax advantaged savings vehicles with investment components). Who knew?!
And the Carnival of the Capitalists is now up at Entrepreneurs blog. It's chock full of posts. On the one hand, I like that blogger Scott Allen has a "Top 3;" on the other hand, it's obvious that he simply copied/pasted the template from Blog Carnival, with little effort at originality. Very few of the other posts reflect an actual reading of what was submitted.
One obvious and refreshing exception to that was this post by the Silicon Valley Blogger. He has a decalogue of insightful stories on various wealth-building models.
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