Monday, September 10, 2007

Peanuts, Cracker Jack & Health Insurance

It's very odd to see a booth for state-sponsored health care planted under the bleachers at Boston's Fenway Park. Health insurance has a kiosk at the baseball game? The people manning the booth stand there hawking the program, directly across from the balloon guy and directly behind one of the dozens of beer stands where young men wait in line, six-deep, for 20-ounce beers.

State sponsored health care pitched at Fenway. What a novel idea.

The state will help you pay if you cant afford it. And the state has worked with a handful of insurance companies to offer several low cost policies that are much cheaper (family plan with drug coverage, $662 per month) than what the rest of us could buy on the open market, where the average price is $11,000.

The state will help you pay. Isn't that special.

Whose money are they using?

Lower cost policies.

Any guess how that 30%+ reduction is achieved?

It was hilarious to watch that stream of raving Red Sox fans juggling cheese dogs, tankers of beer-- and flyers for health insurance.

One has to wonder how much they pay for hot dogs & beer at Fenway. My daughter took me to see a Braves game for my birthday a week ago. That outing costs $10 for the seats, $6 to ride MARTA, $7 for a beer and $10 for the hot dog "meal".

Per person.

And the tickets were discounted.

We had fun and it is something I hope to repeat next year. I wonder if I could set up a booth hawking health insurance in the stadium?

Sure, it is not a much fun as quaffing a cold brew on a hot day but you gotta admit, it is different.
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