Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Union Views

Workers went on strike Saturday morning after new contract negotiations fell through

On strike.

Don't hear much about that any more.

Maybe workers are getting smarter.

some picketers say time may be running out. For Dresser Rand strikers like Jeffrey Bibalo, it's day 5 of walking the picket lines

A 5 day strike.

That's showing them.

But it's also another day without health insurance.

No money.

No health insurance.

Tell me, why are they striking?

One union leader tells us the union does provide catastrophic insurance. But he did not want to go into anymore details.

That gives me a lot of confidence in their leadership.

No money.

No health insurance.

5 days on strike and already they are hurting.

So, whose idea was it to go on strike?
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