Wednesday, August 22, 2007


HOW can anyone not agree with free universal high-quality health care?

Free health care. Seems like there is ignorance down under, not just here in the states.

How can anyone think that our current public/private marriage of political convenience is beneficial to all Australians both now and in the future?

Mix of public (taxpayer funded) and private insurance.

If the public (taxpayer funded) plan is so great, why does anyone need private insurance to subsidize?

No one ever addresses that question.

No one gets a private plan to subsidize public housing. So why health insurance?

Having private health insurance is not a choice. The poor, the old and the vulnerable wait in pain. The rest get served first.

Doesn't sound like the public system is all that great.

Last week I found myself on the Medi-Go-Round. It was one of those "it's probably nothing, it's probably nothing, it's probably nothing, maybe it's cancer" scenarios. After six months of niggles that had grown to excruciating discomfort, I was off to the doctor. There was talk of having something removed. I don't have private health insurance. I've never had it. I'm politically and philosophically opposed to it.

Politically & philosophically opposed to health insurance.

Would rather put up with the niggles.

Whatever that is.
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