Thursday, August 23, 2007

Health Wonk Review

Daniel Goldberg, blogging at Medical Humanities, presents this week's amazing HWR. In addition to excellent posts (presented in an easy to follow manner with lots of useful context), Daniel takes the time to explain medical humanism in the context of both Martin Luther and the Catholic Church (although I'm puzzled as to why he left out Spinoza).
In an interesting (and unusual) twist, Daniel put my post (debunking a recent Reuter's article) at the top, and then proceeded to argue with it. In fact, he responds to almost all the posts. I think that's great: the point of blogging, IMHO, is to elicit conversation and reactions.
As an insurance agent myself, I found Brian Klepper's series on the value of my chosen profession to be quite interesting. Brian's been subbing for medblog biggie Matthew Holt, and he's not convinced that brokers are really worth what we're paid. While I disagree with his conclusions, I do agree that there are definitely some areas where we need to do MUCH better at policing ourselves. Recommended.
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