Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cavalcade of Risk #15...

When we started the CoR a little over 6 months ago, it seemed a calculated risk that we'd last this long. We've got hosts scheduled up through mid-February now (hey, that reminds me, how would you like to host an upcoming edition?), which seems to mean that that risk paid off.

So, take a break from that last minute shopping, sit back, and enjoy the show. And a great big Thank You to everyone who submitted, and a few who didn't (but got included anyway):

■ You’ve heard of soft water, but how about Hard Money? Joshua Dorkin, blogging at Real Estate Investing For Real, explains how some lenders use an imaginative technique to help folks secure loans.

■ Joe Kristan, of Roth & Company, explains some of the “useful changes to the HSA rules." Using them can help reduce your risk of spending too much on health care.

■ The PC-Doctor prescribes a dose of common sense: reusing passwords can be dangerous to your (computer's) health!

■ Think you’re paying too much to insure your car? Chuck Russell has 15 ways to help you lower your car insurance.

■ The folks at VitaBeat warn that young men face a greater risk of high blood pressure than their female counterparts. As a former teen-age boy myself (a LOOONG time ago!), I'm tempted to say "dunh!"

Klik Money reports that something as simple as a health risk assessment can help lower your medical bills. Good advice!

■ The unfortunate plight of CNET editor James Kim has some lessons for the rest of us. Pro Bargain Hunter’s Yan has some helpful tips on preparing for the worst.

■ Think your identity is safe? Do you get credit card offers in the mail? Wenchypoo warns that if the answer to both of those are “yes,” you may have a problem.

■ Last week, she hosted the Health Wonk Review; this week, Rita Schwab has some pointed questions about the redundancy of the current physician credentialing system in the US. Don’t miss the comments.

■ Great news! If visions of (chocolate covered) sugarplums are dancing in your head, Mombian reports that chocolate may reduce the risk of miscarriage.

■ What’s a modern day Jack the Ripper got to do with risk (other than the obvious, if you’re in a certain line of work)? Renthusiast wonders why the ubiquitous London surveillance cameras weren't a show-stopper.

Hedge Funds are mysterious, and potentially risky, vehicles. Find out why Mister Juggles loves ‘em.

■ Since it's such a hot topic these days, here's one more on identity theft. The Identity Theft Fixes blog has a cautionary tale about a simple printing error that could have dire consequences.

■ No need to grab a shovel: Paul’s Tips has some advice about cutting your losses.

■ Jon Coppelman at Workers Comp Insider has a great post on navigating the hazards of the ADA (no, not that ADA!)

■ And finally, Yours Truly responds to a commenter’s puzzlement over the difference between luck and risk.

Our next host will be Jason Shafrin, the Healthcare Economist, on January 3rd. You can find the new Winter Schedule (and any changes) at the Cavalcade homepage.
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