Monday, December 18, 2006

Carnival Monday!

I'm ambivalent about this week's Carnival of Personal Finance: on the one hand, it's simply a list of posts, with no clue (other than titles) as to content. OTOH, I'm empathetic to the folks at A Penny Saved (after all, this week's Cavalcade of Risk is here at IB); still, I wonder if there isn't some happy compromise available.
In the event, you can't go wrong with Joe Kristan's tax-oriented guide to gift giving.
Happily, Jeff Cornwall has an outstanding, Christmas-themed Carnival of the Capitalists. With over 40 posts, including summaries and some (cute) comments, this makes a great gift.
Happily, Wenchypoo has a thought-provoking article on those ubiquitous year-end bonuses.
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