Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Tell us again about "Affordability"

 So this pops up:

The article to which that refers explains:

"In order to avoid triggering a penalty ... an applicable large employer must offer full-time employees health plan coverage that provides minimum value and is affordable."

Of course, the gummint's definition of "large employer" is somewhat .... perplexing:

"... if you employ more than 49 people, you've either got to offer (and help pay for) a group plan or pay a penalty tax."

In this case, the income test - "affordable" - for next year is just shy of 10% of one's income. And keep in mind, that's just counting the premiums, not the thousands (or, commonly, tens of thousands of dollars in potential out-of-pocket costs).

Pretty bizarre definition of "affordable," no?

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