Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Fallout From a Political Pandemic?

In the movie "Something's Got To Give" one of Jack Nicholson's lines is "I have never lied to you. I have always told some version of the truth."

#COVID19, #coronavirus, #WuhanFlu . . . no matter what you call it, the disease is still the same. It is deadly, but how much MORE lethal than earlier influenza strains that originated in Asia?

But how can a disease be political?

The disease isn't political, but the way the INFORMATION about COVID perhaps was politicized.

When did the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) know about the seriousness of the disease and when did they tell WHO (World Health Organization)? How many other organizations in the information chain withheld or minimized details of the illness that would rapidly become a pandemic?

Paraphrasing Sen. Howard Baker, "What did these people know, and when did they know it?".

ER physician Dr. Dan Erickson is quoted. "We decided to keep people at home and isolate them, even though everything we’ve studied about quarantine…[says] you quarantine the sick. When someone has measles you quarantine them. We’ve never…[taken] those without disease and without symptoms and lock[ed] them in [their] homes. So, some of these things [given] what we’ve studied from immunology and microbiology aren’t really meshing with what we know as people of science… - RedState

Readers may say this is new information. Something they have never heard or read before.

What if social media, main stream media and others have FILTERED the news to hide the real truth? This would not be the first time it happened.

Social media is relatively new, but consider this opening line from the Washington Post. Until 1968, Walter Cronkite believed what his government told him about the Vietnam War. He was an old-school journalist, a patriot, a man who came of age covering World War II as a wire-service reporter and then taking over as the anchor of “The CBS Evening News” at the height of the Cold War. Like most journalists of his generation, he embraced the fight against communism and understood why the United States had intervened in the war raging in Vietnam.

The news media and the public have been played before. What if it has happened again?

Dr. Erickson continues. "Was the lockdown successful? I say yes very successful. Successful in things like this. Anxiety hotline calls up 1000 percent. Child abuse both sexual and non up. Financially, emotional distress, Suicide. Alcohol. 150,000 Americans a month not receiving cancer screening. It’s been effective alright, in all the wrong metrics — in all the areas we didn’t want it to be effective. Delay in medical care. We talked about that. Orthopedics, nonessential. Suicide calls up 600 percent. Suicide calls. We heard other doctors mention this. So was the lockdown effective? If that’s the effect you were going for, then yes."

Has the COVID pandemic been mishandled? Is the long term economic and psychological impact of the disease worse than the illness?

Is the "cure" worse than the disease?

What if we have only been told some version of the truth?

Where do we go to get our world back?

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