Monday, April 20, 2020

LTCi on pause?

Co-blogger Bob emailed us with this info he learned from a trusted source:

"I was told this today...with an effective date of applications starting tomorrow. I have several folk 65+ who are trying to apply, and I have to say sorry, but I have more expensive options for you to look at.

Throughout the rapidly evolving pandemic, Mutual of Omaha has been continuously evaluating our underwriting and new business practices to support business continuity, deliver a consistently high level of service, and maintain our financial strength.

As a result, effective Thursday, April 16, 2020, we are implementing a temporary change. We will not be accepting LTC applications for individuals age 65 and older. All LTC cases not already approved or issued will be postponed and processed as an incomplete application.

We will continue to prequalify applicants 64 and younger. The prequalification will be good for 60 days. If the health of the client changes or the prequalification is past 60 days, you will need to prequalify the applicant again

I then confirmed this with FoIB Randy G, who added:

"MOO, TransAmerica, NGL, and Thrivent are not accepting any applications for those over the age of 65.

They say temporarily….

Reason is that individuals over the age of 65  will require a home face to face interview.

The nurses who conduct those interviews don’t have sufficient PPEs to enter homes.

Anyway, that’s the story I got.

The companies will still accept applications for those 64 and under. However, there are restrictions to this as well

Thanks, Herman and Randy!

Oh, my take?

I think it's bullcrap: have none of these carriers ever heard of Skype?

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