Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Travel Medical Update: Let's talk Pre-Ex

Travel Medical policies are for folks traveling outside the US, which is where most health insurance coverage ends. So for cruises or trips to Europe, or that Cancun get-away, savvy folks purchase plans to help with any medical issues (usually emergencies) which may arise.

This takes on particular importance in the current Coronavirus environment, but that's another post.

These plans generally either exclude or severely restrict coverage for Pre-Existing conditions, which makes sense.

But we now learn (via email) about a new feature available on GeoBlue Voyager Choice travel medical plans:

"Pre-existing conditions are covered under this plan as any other condition, subject to terms and conditions."

And what are those t's and c's?

Pretty simple, really:

"You must be concurrently covered by a primary health plan," which is defined as "an individual health benefit plan, or certain governmental health plan (including Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage plans) designed to be the first payor of claims." This would include group or individual medical plans, as well, but specifically not "Medicaid, state run Medicaid programs, and Veterans Administration health benefit plans."

Interesting, that last.

Anyway, something to check out when booking that next vacay.

[Thanks to FoIB Beth S]
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