Wednesday, August 21, 2019

(Very) Mixed Feelings

Don't know how I missed this [ed: yes I do, it flew completely under the radar] but:

"Simple Health claimed to offer comprehensive health insurance or PPOs that would cover many medical needs, but instead sold only medical discount memberships, limited benefit plans, and other products that provide a small reimbursement or discount for a few services."

And then folks started to complain.

A lot.

I've used the marketing company, Health Insurance Innovations, for various short term medical plans, but thankfully never used their Simple Health "plan."

Anyway, the cacophony has apparently reached a crescendo, and the Rocket Surgeons in DC
© have opened up a Special Open Enrollment Period (SEP) for folks who've been bamboozled:

"The SEP will run from July 1, 2019 until September 4, 2019.  Eligible consumers should have received a notice ... advising them of the availability of this SEP. CMS will evaluate an individual’s eligibility for the SEP using Simple Health Plan enrollment information."

Oh goody.

Here's why I'm ambivalent about this:

There were plenty of folks who played by the rules of the game and bought legit policies who were then left high and dry. Why are the SHP folks given preferential treatment? Perhaps it's because the FTC is suing the carrier, but what does that have to do with CMS?

"They bought their tickets..."
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