Thursday, January 10, 2019

Not so great HIX news: SEP edition

So by now, most folks understand that it's quite the challenge to buy ObamaPlans outside the regular Open Enrollment season; that one requires a Special Enrollment Period trigger (losing group coverage, getting married or having a baby, etc) to do so. Well, the process just got a bit more onerous.

From email from our Betters in DC©:

"Special enrollment periods (SEPs) provide an opportunity to consumers who experience certain qualifying events to enroll in or change their health coverage outside of the annual Open Enrollment period.

Beginning in early 2019, Marketplace consumers may need to choose a plan in the same metal tier category (instead of from all available categories) during their SEP window. [emphasis in original]

 This impacts consumers when they:

•Currently have a Marketplace plan,
•Experience most SEP-qualifying life events, and
•Want to change from their current plan.
You can help consumers understand that their plan choices after Open Enrollment will likely be limited later in the year, even if they qualify for an SEP and want to change plans. You can encourage them to choose a plan that will meet their needs and their family’s needs until the next Open Enrollment period."

Oh goody.

Did I mention that I'm aware of precisely zero carriers paying commissions on plans outside of the regularly scheduled Open Enrollment? How come no one seems to care (since they don't reduce the premiums to reflect that fact)?
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