Friday, August 23, 2019

Rock and Hard Place: Grandpa edition

Well, technically "Grandfathered:" the plan in question dates from 2010, when we wrote it for a younger couple and their 3 (now 4) children. This was one of my favorite plan designs: Anthem's Lumenos HSA product, a legit cat (catastrophic) plan with a $10,000 family deductible, then 100% after. Fit their needs well, and was a great value.

Fast forward 9 years, and (sadly) they're divorcing. Which wouldn't be the end of the world insurance-wise but for a couple complications:

First, now ex-hubby has opted for a Sharing Ministry for himself and the kids, and has failed to pay the August premium. Oh, did I mention that I just learned about all this yesterday?


Anyway, Jane reached out to me to fill me in and to ask about her options, . since she would prefer an actual insurance plan. It doesn't look like she'd be eligible for a Special Open Enrollment opportunity (since her plan isn't ACA-compliant), but perhaps she could keep the Lumenos/Anthem plan?

So I reached out to Anthem and learned that she could, in fact, keep the plan (there are some hoops through which she'll need to jump, including getting ex-hubby's signature on the change request).

So what's the dilemma, Henry?

Well, since the August premium is apparently unpaid, the plan is in the 30 day grace period, and that clock is ticking. Once that's over, so's the plan, and the opportunity to keep it. In the meantime, she's waiting to learn whether or not she's been approved for the new job for which she's applied, but won't know that until the 30th.

Which is also the deadline for the change request.


I've suggested that she submit the request anyway, since it doesn't involve sending in any actual money, and she can always change her mind if/when she gets that new gig.

Meantime, it's wait and see.
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