Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Tuesday Linkage

In no particular order:

As we've long documented here, Britain's Much Vaunted National Health Service© has a fetish for offing innocent children:

"Coroner demands NHS 111 changes after six-year-old Sebastian Hibberd's death"

The poor 6 year old was another victim of free health "care."

Fortunately for Oliver Cameron, his parents were afforded a unique, lifesaving opportunity:

"[T]hanks to the tireless efforts of his parents and doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital, Oliver is alive and thriving today."

He had been born with a non-cancerous tumor, the likes of which British doc's were unable to treat.

#MedicalTourism tourism in action.

Meanwhile, on this side of The Pond, our northern neighbors, subject to whims and vagaries of CanuckCare©, seldom fare so fortuitously:

But hey: Free!

And finally, our friend Allison Bell alerts us to the latest Health Savings Account news:

Unfortunately, this will be of benefit only to those who own HSA-compliant plans, which of course means duplicate and unnecessarily expensive coverage for folks in ACA versions.

Once again I'll ask: why must one own a specific type of insurance plan (or, indeed, any plan) to have an HSA?

(Yeah, I know)
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