Thursday, July 18, 2019

A Deadly Conundrum: Updated

Last fall, we reported on this tragic story:

"California dad charged with insurance fraud after he drove off cliff, killing autistic sons"

Turns out, "Father of the Year" (non-)contender Ali Elmezayen had purchased the policies just over two years prior, presumably planning ahead to avoid the contestability clause which "allows the carrier to review a recently approved policy to see if there were any misstatements or misrepresentations" and goes away after the first two years. So it appears that Mr E thought that a two week "cushion" would be sufficient.


"A father has been charged with capital murder after his two autistic sons tragically drowned when he drove his family off a Port of Los Angeles pier in California ... Just before the incident, Ali had purchased several accidental death insurance polices.."

And of course "accidental death" nature of the plans was a nice touch: these policies are generally a fraction of the cost of a regular term or whole life plan. And if the goal is to collect in a couple years anyway, who needs long term premium guarantees?

Be a darned shame if anything untoward happened to him in prison.
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