Monday, December 10, 2018

The Flipside of HSA's

As regular readers know, we've long been advocates of Heath Saving Accounts (HSAs). Unfortunately,the individual medical market no longer allows the kind of true catastrophic plans that make the accounts financially viable, but hope springs eternal.

For those lucky enough to have group and/or older individual HSA plans, though, the tax benefits remain a major draw. But what happens when one hits retirement age and offboards to Medicare?

Well, at that point, you can no longer contribute to the account itself, but can continue using it for medical expenses. But you can also use it as a (supplemental?) retirement vehicle, and apparently that's quite the popular option. As FoIB Allison Bell reports:

"Steve Neeleman, HealthEquity’s founder and vice chair, said employers are now asking for a “marriage of health savings accounts and other retirement plans.

Having the accounts managed by the same folks that manage the company retirement plans can be a big bonus:

"Integrated retirement plan-HSA systems could make it easier for employee clients to pull the records they need to have comprehensive discussions of their finances with their advisors."

Among other advantages (follow the link for more).
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