Monday, December 10, 2018

A Holly Jolly Linkfest

Courtesy of FoIB Holly R.

Camp Fire kills carrier:

"The local Merced County Insurance Company — whose client base is overwhelmingly located in the wildfire-prone Sacramento Central Valley area — announced this week that it was closing shop because it can’t pay out the expected fire-related insurance claims."

Facing at least $64 million on claims, and with only $23 million of available assets, the company sought - and has received - bankruptcy protection. Fortunately for their clients, the California Insurance Guarantee Association (sort of like FDIC for insurance companies) will step in and cover their losses.

In an interesting twist, Dutch medical authorities have discovered medical ethics. Readers may recall our recent post about a Dutch doc in the dock:

"Dutch doctor faces first euthanasia prosecution"

Well, it seems that another of the country's traditions is about to expire:

"Two major Dutch hospitals say they will stop importing human body parts from American firms, which they have been doing without any regulation for a decade."

Parts is parts, as the saying goes, but apparently this practice was a bridge too far for even the Dutch:

"The move comes amid investigations by U.S. law enforcement into some so-called body brokers - companies that obtain the dead, often through donation, dissect them and sell the parts for profit. "

More details at the link.

  The Much Vaunted National Health Service© is also in the news for coming clean on their own little shanda:

"The family of a former soldier who took his own life have won a six-figure payout after NHS chiefs admitted a catalogue of failings in his care."

The 29 year old paratrooper, Aidan Knight, had served in Iraq for half a decade. He finally bailed, having "seen too much death." He'd been trying to get professional counseling for two months, unsuccessfully. In a case of "too little, too late," the MVNHS© has apologized and cut a cheque.

Better than nothing, one supposes.
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