Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Tuesday Linkfest

For once, the term "shoddy insurance" doesn't apply to an ObamaPlan. Our friend Jeff M tips us to this item:

"Federal authorities have shut down a network of Florida companies that they say used aggressive, deceptive tactics to sell skimpy health insurance products that skirt requirements of the Affordable Care Act and left tens of thousands of people around the country with unpaid medical bills."

And no, these aren't Short Term Medical plans (or at least, not legit ones). First, these rocket surgeons (allegedly) used the logos of actual carriers to lure folks in, then sold them mini-med and discount plans as if they were "comprehensive" CA-sompliant policies.

And, of course, the numbskull "reporter" calls them "short term health insurance plans like those promoted by President Trump as an alternative to the Affordable Care Act."

Y'know, Bob, a simple call to a real agent could've helped you avoid embarrassing yourself.

(Aww, who am I kidding - these "journos" have no shame)

We're generally pro-DPC (Direct Primary care), although we've been known to call out some of its more ... enthusiastic ... proponents. Mark Aubry (of Impact Capitalists) alerts us to "The 8 Problems with Direct Care Medicine:"

"[W]e’ve been involved in the direct care “movement” for about 6 years now.  Sometimes we’ve stood on the periphery at events and conferences and sometimes we’ve run direct care clinics ... there is a real difference between hiding prices and using prices as a competitive advantage."

There's more and, while it's not exactly devastating, it does point out some areas of legitimate concern.

We've long written about the Much Vaunted National Health Service©'s war on children. Here, for example:

"[I]n this case it's actually cost the MVNHS© more money to fight his being flown elsewhere for treatment at his parents' expense."

And so one might be justified in thinking they'd hit rock bottom.

Justified, but wrong:

But hey, free!
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