Monday, November 05, 2018

CanuckCare© Gone Private

Regular readers know that Canada's "free" health care system has, well, issues. Some years ago, we noted:

"A group in British Columbia has offered medical waiting-list insurance to members whose government treatment is on hold."

And, of course, it's well-documented that this is a problem for a lot of our Neighbors to the North:

"My father’s first oncologist appointment was scheduled for after he died."

Well, better late than ... Oh.

A half dozen years ago, Bob posted on the Surgery Center of Oklahoma, which "operates on a cash only basis. They do not accept health insurance, Medicare or Medicaid funds."

Turns out, our Neighbors to the North also have their own version:

"Check out Timely Medical Alternatives in Canada, which specializes in helping Canadians find affordable care (for cash payment) instead of waiting in the queue."

And indeed, when one visits the (aptly named) "Timely Medical Alternatives" site, one is greeted with an informative banner that touts their 14 years of experience, 20 facilities in Canada and the US, and (like their Sooner State colleagues) significant discounts. Best of all, they touch on two IB "hot buttons:" speed and transparency.


"Recent evidence suggests that Canadians who require surgeries wait on average for approximately 20 weeks to receive the treatment they deserve, more than twice as long as national averages from when data first was collected a little more than 20 years ago"

But hey, free, right?

And transparency: one has only to select from the menu of services provided, and with a click of the mouse receive a free, no obligation quote.


[Hat Tip: Twila  Brase]
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