Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Midweek Trifecta

Trying out something new, a variation on our "LinkFest" posts. This time out, focusing on 3 new (well, to me, anyway) insurance products:

The folks at Pacific Life have rolled out an intriguing underwriting coup:

"Up to $500,000 Life Insurance Death Benefit with No Medical Exams"

Of course, there's still an application and, one presumes, medical records required, but a half million of cover without blood or urine (or more)?


Our friends at the General Agent Center have a new "mini-med" plan available to supplement existing major med policies. What's interesting about this offering is that it covers:

"Office Calls -  ANY licensed practitioner of the healing arts (Physician's, Chiropractor's, Acupuncturist's, Naturopaths)"

Generally, plans like this require one to see an MD or similar, have never seen one that explicitly covers acupuncturists.


I must admit, this one looks awfully familiar, but new packaging may do wonders:

"[T]here’s a different kind of plan that could solve problems for both fully-insured plans — which are better for large claims — and self-insured plans — which are better for small claims. It’s called a national plan."

By grouping together employers from all over the 58 states, they appear to stop-loss carriers as one mega-employer, with concomitantly lower rates.

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