Tuesday, May 15, 2018


So it looks like even more fissures have opened up as Hawaii's Kilauea volcano continues to spew and smoke. More than a couple of dozen homes have already succumbed, and more are expected to be damaged or destroyed.

Here in Ohio, we get asked a lot about tornado, flood, and even earthquake coverage, but when it comes to volcanoes, well, let's just say that no one comes here for the tropical clime.

But that hasn't stopped FoIB Jeff M from helping out by tipping us to this:

"One possibility is the Hawaii Property Insurance Association, a nonprofit collection of insurance companies created by state lawmakers in 1991 to provide basic property insurance for people who are unable to buy coverage in the private market"

Turns out that lava insurance is a lot like flood insurance (and not just because they both "flow"). Turns out that:

"Few insurance companies will issue policies for homes in Leilani Estates because it is in an area deemed by the U.S. Geological Survey to have a high risk of lava."

Which sounds a lot like "flood plains," no?

And just as there are special plans available for flooding, it seems that the HPIA can help out with lava.

But, Aloha State citizens best not count on their regular homeowner's policies:

"If policies specifically exclude lava damage, the fire coverage will not apply."

As always, we strongly suggest consulting with your own agent to see if you're covered, or can be.

Oh! And:

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