Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Tuesday Odds-and-Ends

■ "The Hartford Signs Agreement To Acquire Aetna's U.S. Group Life And Disability Business "

This move will apparently create the 2nd largest group life and disability carrier in the market.

Mazel tov (I think)!

■ Via FoIB Jeff M, a story that doesn't quite pass the smell test:

"Insurer allegedly sends coverage denial letter to 9-month-old with brain cancer"

Supposedly, the vital treatment was denied due to "medical necessity," or lack thereof, actually.

As I told Jeff, though, I see the term "allegedly" more than once in that story. There's also no mention of appeal, which would have been automatic, and no indication that anyone's been in contact with the DOI. We've seen something similar before, so I'm a bit skeptical at this point.

Still, a big deal if true.

■ And this, also from Jeff M, who is obviously lying:

"Tens of thousands of North Carolinians got letters in the mail from Blue Cross Blue Shield this week, saying their already steep monthly health insurance premiums will close to double in many cases starting January 1"

Looks like someone misspelled "3000% rate decrease."
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