Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Carrots and Sticks: Empire State-style

As more and more carriers exit more and more states, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo thinks he's hit on a useful solution: leave the health insurance market, kiss other opportunities goodbye, as well:

"Insurers that leave the individual market would be cut off from participating in other government health programs, including Medicaid, the Children’s Health Insurance Program and the Essential Plan"

Two thoughts here:

First, good for him. While I generally dislike the heavy the hand of government forcing a company into a specific behavior, it seems to me that it's not only within that entity's purview to make the choice to leave a painful one. After all, he';s not forcing carriers to stay, just incenting them to consider such a move in terms of the bigger picture.

After all, I've always been a fan of the 58-state laboratory model.

Second, what the heck is an "Essential Plan?"

Well, it turns out that it's one of the "Basic Health Plans" the previous administration greenlit targeted at low- and moderate-income folks. It's not quite "bare bones," since it still includes a number of "freebies." On the other hand, it costs $20 a month per person (in some cases, not even that), and includes "free" preventive care.

Your tax dollars at work.

[Hat Tip: FoIB Allison B]
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