Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Anthem Exiting Ohio Exchanges!

In a producer news release Anthem has announced it will pull out of Ohio for on exchange business in 2018. They will be reducing their off exchange options too. From the release:
"As the Individual marketplace continues to evolve, we look forward to seeing important changes made to the health care law. We hope these changes will stabilize the market and allow us to have a more robust presence in the future." 
This is huge news as Anthem was the only insurer available in 20 counties in Ohio last year. For another 28 counties they were one of two insurers in the market. We will update IB as more details are shared.

UPDATE: Anthem is also pulling all off exchange plans except for one Catastrophic plan offering in Pike County. They are doing this so it doesn't constitute a full exit. Under HIPAA rules full exits require insurers to leave markets for five years.

SOMETHING TO PONDER: The echo chamber is focusing on CSR's as the main reason for the pullout. If this were true then why would Anthem pull their off-exchange products? These plans don't offer CSR's to low income nor do they offer subsidies.
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