Tuesday, May 30, 2017

More ACA Anecdata

Another in a continuing series on the impact of ObamaCare on the lives of ordinary citizens:

Sally and Dave are longtime clients, with a Grandmothered plan boasting a $5,000 per person deductible, then 100% after that for covered expenses. The family max out-of-pocket is $10,000, and the plan is built on the PPO model (which means they have coverage both in and out of network). They're in their late 50's, and in good health.

Their current plan renews in a few months, and will be going up some 15%, from $680 to about $790. As usual, I went out to the 404Care.gov site to do some comparison shopping. The least expensive plan I could find ran a little over $900,with a $6500 deductible, and a max out of pocket of just over $14,000.

So they could spend an additional $1,200 for a plan with 40% higher exposure.

On the other hand, it does cover birth control.

Oh, and they shouldn't feel too awful about that 15% rate hike. As FoIB Holly R notes:

"Premiums for individual health plans doubled between 2013 and 2017"

Such a deal!
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