Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Not my monkeys... [UPDATED]

[Please scroll down for update]

As regular readers know, I elected to "sit out" the past Open Enrollment season:

"Due to the significant changes carriers have made to their compensation schedules (aka commissions), I don’t believe that I can continue to offer the kind of comprehensive service to which I, and you, have become accustomed."

Of course, I'm far from the only agent to have pulled that particular trigger. And next year's circus Open Enrollment season promises to be even more stressful:

"CMS Officially Shortens 2018 Individual Health Enrollment Period ... will move the end of the open enrollment period for 2018 individual major medical coverage to Dec. 15 [,2017], from Jan. 31, 2018."

Thus lopping off a month and-a-half, or roughly 50%.

I can see no way that could possibly go south.

(UPDATE) HEH: FoIB Holly R send us this relevant announcement from the D'Unh! Department:

"UnitedHealth beats earnings forecasts as it pulls out of Obamacare markets"

Imagine that.
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