Tuesday, April 18, 2017

404Care.gov: Nothing new under the sun [UPDATED]

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We've been posting on the insecurity of the fabled Exchange site for a very long while; here, for example:

"Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) was using only weak security measures to protect a HealthCare.gov performance dashboard data warehouse"

Turns out, the Federales knew from pretty much Minute Zero that the site was a security sinkhole:

"Judicial Watch today ... records showing that the Obamacare website was launched despite serious concerns by its security testing contractor, Mitre Corporation, as well as internal executive-level apprehension about security."

No kidding?

Which is why I consistently warn folks to stay away from the site as best they can, and to register there only when and if they qualify for - and want to use - a subsidy. Even then, I recommend protection.

UPDATE: Just received in email from Humana:

"Humana will be implementing a new security log-on process to continue to protect your information. We recently completed the first phase of this update process with our captcha roll-out as an additional log-on step, providing even greater protection over your online information."

Private sector vs Public.

What's that word again? Oh, yeah: Accountability.
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