Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Attaboy, ObamaCare Style

So you've just spent several hours helping a client navigate Open Enrollment v4.0, sifting through the various options, checking to see which (if any) of his doc's are in-network, helping to determine whether or not he's eligible for a subsidy, helping him set up an account and verifying his identity at How do you think you should be compensated? Well, co-blogger Bob V tells us that the Rocket Surgeons in DC© have just the thing:

"[T]he Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is offering health insurance brokers who enroll 20 or more individual consumers or 20 or more employers through the marketplace the opportunity for a “gold star” in the form of membership in the Circle of Champions."

Gosh, who wouldn't prefer this kind of recognition to icky commission dollars?

As we've pointed out, many agents have bailed on this season because carriers have drastically reduced or, in some cases, done away with agent compensation. As Ronnell Nolan, president/CEO of Health Agents for America points out, it's really just "throw ‘em a bone but not pay any money.”

And stay tuned: Co-Blogger Patrick has a very personal experience to share coming up shortly.

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