Monday, June 13, 2016

Top O'The Week Linkfest

LifeHealthPro's AllisonBell has some disheartening news about critical illness plans:

"Officials are ... thinking about the possibility of banning the sale of critical illness policies and other policies that cover two or more specific diseases"

The Bureauweenies in DC© see these plans as some kind fo threat to ObamaPlans, as if they were an alternative when in fact they are useful supplements.

FoIB Holly R reminds us that even pot-smokers need life insurance, but what effect will marijuana use have when they apply for a policy? As always, this will depend on the carrier, but some companies are more, um, liberal than others when it comes to Mary Jane:

"29 percent classify marijuana users as nonsmokers, potentially allowing them to qualify for the best nonsmoker rates:"


Last we looked, so-called "Junior Doctors" working for the Not So Vaunted National Health Service© had called for a major work slowdown. So how'd that work out?


"The NHS is paying junior doctors to learn how to land lucrative new jobs outside medicine"

Fewer doctors, better health care.

Got it.
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